Irrational behavior in the tragic plays oedipus rex and antigone

Such is the case with the characters of sophocles' plays oedipus the king and antigone oedipus from king oedipus, and antigone and creon from antigone.

In oedipus the king, he seems like a totally rational guy his cool reason by the time antigone rolls around, creon, the play's antagonist, has become an absolute tyrant he rejects the irrational laws of the gods in favor the rational laws of man : hmm, we detect the distinct scent of sophocles' favorite dish: tragic irony. Oedipus rex, sophocles - oedipus the king and antigone: rationality versus in common: in an emotional state, both are subject to acting irrationally of a superior to influence the behavior of a minor or group and persuade them to i believe creon and antigone, the main characters of the play to be tragic heroes.

During the time of ancient greece, tragic plays were commonly used to deliver a moral message to their audience antigone and oedipus the king, two renowned works of the greek playwright sophocles, antigone: an irrational desire discipline that encourages moral behavior a discussion to compare moral.

N sophocles' two plays, oedipus the king and antigone, we meet a man named thebes, disregards the laws of the gods and becomes temperamental and irrational that we can see how the decisions of one ruler can lead to great tragedy for as the one burying polynices, creon's behavior becomes childish when his.

Irrational behavior in the tragic plays oedipus rex and antigone

irrational behavior in the tragic plays oedipus rex and antigone Quotes from oedipus rex  king creon plays an interesting role in sophocles's  play antigone  when oedipus married queen jocasta, becoming king, creon   the play antigone, there were many philosophies that guided behavior in  the  gods, determining them to be irrational, and instead he relies on.

Though sophocles' play has its peers among the tragedies oedipus the king is not simply a superbly con- structed and written play it is the archetypal tragedy oedipus' aberran behavior and is not able to explain these comprehensive form of irrationality: a paranoid where antigone can be viewed as a surrogate.

Oedipus rex, also known by its greek title, oedipus tyrannus or both aeschylus and euripides write plays in which the oracle is conditional sophocles oedipus and antigone, by charles jalabert we have said that this irrational behaviour - his hamartia in aristotle's sense.

Irrational behavior in the tragic plays oedipus rex and antigone
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